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I am associated with the following organizations:

Header logo is eiThe Empirical Inference department of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems is home to many researchers that study inference performed on the basis of empirical data. Ranging from inductive learning, to the inference of causal structures from statistical data, to making predictions about the effect of interventions, the studies conducted in this department involve the use of various types of empirical data such as microarray data, visual patterns, and genetic data.

MLFPM logo The Marie Curie Innovative Training Network entitled “Machine Learning Frontiers in Precision Medicine” is a network that involves several European institutions, both from the private and public sectors, with the aim of training Early Stage Researchers specialized in applying machine learning to health data.

Epi-Logos logoThe Epi-Logos research group led by Dr. Gabriele Schweikert aims to study and adapt machine learning tools to promote the understanding of epigenetic control mechanisms for gene expression and their function in development and disease.